Account update

In the account in the "Deposits" section, the "Reinvests" tab has been added! There you can find all offers and reinvest your funds on more favorable terms.

Reinvestment and Bonus Balance Information

The "For Investors" page describes how the Bonus Account and Bonus Plan work, as well as updated information on reinvestment (

Adding Tether (USDT.ERC20) Cryptocurrency

We have added the Tether (USDT.ERC20) cryptocurrency to the site. Tether is one of the most reliable and popular stablecoin today (so-called stable price crypto assets, which in the cryptocurrency world is an excellent alternative to fiat money).

Upcoming promotional code exchange plans

Preview of the NEROOS exchange.

  • 1. Soon, every investor will be able to create promotional codes.
  • 2. The number of promotional codes that an investor can create will depend on the size of deposits. Approximately for every $ 10 of deposits it will be possible to create 1 promotional code.
  • 3. When creating a promotional code, the investor himself chooses the possible bonuses, the validity period of the promotional code and other parameters. The price of the promotional code will depend on these parameters.
  • 4. The created promotional code can be put up for sale on the exchange. Promotional code sale price = promotional code price. The proceeds from the sale of the promotional code can be withdrawn to your wallet.
  • 5. It will be profitable for new investors on the stock exchange to buy a promotional code and open a deposit using it. There will be restrictions on the purchase and sale of promotional codes.
  • 6. Promotional codes not sold on the exchange will be expired upon expiration.

Each investor will receive an additional source of income from the implementation of promotional codes.

The cooler the bonuses you specify, the higher the price of the promotional code will be, and the more difficult it will be to sell it. Advertise promotional codes in social networks, chat rooms, forums - find a buyer and you will get a great additional income!

Neroos – unlimited financial opportunities!

Important Account Protection Information

Please read carefully and follow the recommended steps!

Never use the same password that you use on other sites. Some sites store user data and passwords, which can be used to transfer to third parties and the subsequent hacking of your accounts and wallets.

We recommend that you change the password to unique and enable additional protection of your account in the settings: payment protection (E-mail), login protection (E-mail). Now, when changing the IP address (since the last login to the account), protection will be activated with the confirmation of the code sent to the mail.



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