Birthday of NEROOS.COM. A promo code for everyone!

It's our birthday!

We are very glad that in this short period of time we have become a large international family! Our friendly family already has 26000 participants from 81 countries of the world! And every day the number of participants is increasing! We are very glad that people trust us, and for your trust, we thank you for your impeccable work!

We are not standing still! We are constantly developing, improving the project, making it more interesting, more convenient, more stable.
What updates have we made in 3 months of work:
- Contests with a drawing of promotional codes
- Gaming platform NEROOS.GAME
- New games on the gaming platform - Exchange of promo codes NEROOS.EXCHANGE

In honor of their birthday, we give all participants a Promo Code


Promo code bonuses:
- Interest increase: +0.3% (first 10 days)
- Account balance bonus: 3% of the deposit
- Bonus to bonus account: 30%
- Bonus to the amount of the deposit: +3%

Min deposit to activate the promo code: 10.00$
Lifetime of the promo code: 3 days
Available for All tariff plans
You can use a promo code to open a new deposit.

The administration will continue to delight all investors with updates so that it is not only profitable for you to participate in the project, but also interesting!
Stay with us, help us grow. With love and respect, administration NEROOS.COM

Update in the section "Promo code exchange"

The promo code exchange has been updated! Now in the section "Purchase promotional codes" there is a filter by Active cycles and Closed cycles. The loop also shows which promotional codes you bought and what their status is. Cycles closed on the exchange. All promotional codes have been activated. Tokens for sold promotional codes in closed cycles have been unfrozen and are now available for sale. The "Sell tokens" button on the exchange is now active.

New game at Neroos.Games (Heads Or Tails)

A new game Heads Or Tails has been added to the Neroos.Games gaming platform. Heads or Tails is a simple game of chance. This game involves predicting the outcome of a coin toss. This means that you have a fifty to fifty chance of winning. If you win, your winnings will be calculated as bet x 1.8, otherwise you will lose your bet.
New game at Neroos.Games (Dice 3D)

The popular Dice 3D game has been added to the Neroos.Games gaming platform. Purpose of the game: to predict what range of the sum of points will fall on all dice. To start playing, scroll the slider to select a range. Roll the dice by clicking on the "Play" button or holding the left mouse button move in the direction of the throw. After the bet, you can choose the number and the chance of winning. The number can be chosen from 6 to 25 and from 26 to 60. The probability of winning and the winning coefficient depends on the width of the range. The wider the range, the higher the probability of winning, and vice versa.

The promo code exchange is open!

The Exchange section contains 4 Cycles . Promo codes with different bonuses are available for sale in each Cycle. One Cycle - one type of Promo Code. The number of Promo codes in each Cycle is limited. Each type of Promo Code has its own price. When you buy a Promo Code, you get Tokens. The number of Tokens for each type of Promo Code is different. The more expensive the Promo Code, the more Tokens you get for purchasing it. The promo code can be used to open a new Deposit, or transferred to another investor.

After all Promotional Codes in the Cycle are activated (the Cycle will close), the received Tokens can be put up for sale. The faster the Cycle closes, the faster you put Tokens up for sale. You can sell Tokens to the system at a fixed price ( 1 Token = $ 0.8 ), or to other participants on the p2p exchange. The system will redeem tokens in a limited amount and at a specified time. If an investor wants to sell tokens faster, he can put them up for sale on a p2p exchange with a discount.

Thus, by purchasing Promo Codes, you will be able to receive an additional profit of 12-20% per Cycle . And to close the Cycle faster, use the Promo Codes yourself, give them to other participants, advertise the Promo Codes in chats, forums, social networks.

Promotional codes not activated during the week will be available on the exchange for everyone for free! Thus, the Loop will close very quickly!



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